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Hello Red Bulls, My Old Friend



New York, NY – When I first covered sports, soccer was my lover.

Whether I covered MLS, NASL, USMNT, USWNT, the Cosmos Copa, The Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival, FCNY, the Cosmos, Red Bulls, and NYCFC, I loved and treasured my time with the beautiful game. The clubs, the supporters, the icons, the books, the authors, the interviews, what a ride. For many years, we were inseparable.

The beautiful game brought out the best in me and presented me with opportunities soccer fans worldwide can only imagine. In return, I was loyal as I did my best to illuminate her beauty. And just like that, our relationship was over. So, what happened?

Life happened. One day, I was living my life. The next day, I started living a life I hadn’t planned for. As many writing opportunities came my way, I undeniably changed. In short, my intimacy with soccer was gone. As much as I’ll always appreciate the beautiful game, the love that I once had for her was no longer there. Today was a sad reminder of it.

Earlier today, I made the trip to Harrison, NJ. My purpose beind my trip to was that I needed to pick up my match credential for Saturday’s International Champions Cup between FC Barcelona vs. Juventus FC at MetLife Stadium. Once I finally arrived to the Harrison stop, I was amazed by how much has changed in the area.

Making my way to Red Bull Arena, home of the Red Bulls, I remembered the memories of the games I covered. Sadly, a hint of nostalgia never tugged my heart when I picked up my credential, turned around and headed back to the PATH. The love that once was has faded into memories. With that said, the Athletics lead the Mets 3-2 in the fifth inning.


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