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History of Latino Sports

LatSport2In 1990, Latino Sports Ventures, Inc. was formed to fill the void, which existed in the Latino community in regards to: promotions and marketing sports, sports personalities and products.

This became evident to Mr. Julio Pabón in January of 1990 while on a vacation trip to Puerto Rico where he learned of the incident which involved Mr. Ruben Sierra of the Texas Rangers who according to many baseball enthusiasts, including some national sports publications and writers, should have been selected the 1989 American League Most Valuable Player.

Mr. Pabón recognized that Latino players, no matter how good they played, were being shortchanged in the media.  He was personally affected when he noticed that his 9-year-old son would not mention a Latino player when he would play baseball with his father. “He would mention Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield and others, but never a Latino,” stated Mr. Pabón.

Mr. Pabón took it upon himself to organize a tribute for Mr. Sierra in Yankee Stadium understanding that the Latino community cannot afford to wait for others to identify its role models.

As a result, Latino Sports Ventures (LSV) was born. LSV is a multi-faceted sports promotion and marketing company headquartered in the South Bronx committed to bridging the gap between Latino sports personalities, goods and services and the Latino community. The Latino community, particularly its English speaking youth are in dire need of positive role models and icons that can generate a sense of pride and high esteem.

Unfortunately, Latino youth are exposed to the overwhelming consumer generated marketing of companies, which primarily targets the general ethnic sectors overlooking the growing Latino community.  This powerful marketing sublimely sends out a message of lack of achievement and creates a serious void in the Latino communities.

Latino Sports Ventures Inc. (LSV) is committed to filling this void with goods and services while simultaneously sending out a clear message of love, pride and goodwill to every Latino. In 1993 Mr. Pabón focused his  attention on building LSV and focused on the design and production of the LSV logo on apparel.

He then opened the Latino Sports CLUBHOUSE an apparel and specialty shop which included a rare sports book section and memorabilia exhibit. After several years of successful operations the store was subsequently closed after the 2008 economic meltdown and all the products were moved to “La Tienda” on the Latinosports.com site.

Latino Sports Timeline

In 1990: The first LatinoMVP award is given to baseball player Ruben Sierra for his performance in the 1989 season. This is the formation of Latino Sports Ventures, Inc. Haciendo Historia as this was the first time that a non-New York Yankee player is honored in a pregame ceremony.

1991: Mr. Pabón was instrumental in developing “La Hora Deportiva“, one of the nations first  Spanish/English radio sports talk shows on WVOX 1460 AM and Latino Sports Promotions.

1993: The first Latino Sports apparel piece was designed from the logo. Silk screened hats & T-shirts.

1994: The Latino Sports Clubhouse apparel & sports specialty shop is opened in the South Bronx.

1995: LSV website, www.latinosports.com was launched to help spread the positive LSV message throughout cyberspace.

1996 – 2005: LSV focused on expanding the brand both locally and nationally.

2006: Latino Sports produced the Legacy of # 21 a documentary on Roberto Clemente.

2008: Latino Sports closed the apparel specialty shop, moved all the products to the website.

2010: Latinosports.com becomes the major focus of strategy to develop Latino Sports Ventures, Inc.

2012: Latinosports.com version 3.0 is launched.

Latino Sports Promotions

Today Latino Sports is also recognized as a leader in sports promotion and marketing in the Latino community.

Latino Sports has consulted various athletes and organizations. Carlos Baerga, Sandy & Roberto Alomar & Alex Rodriguez (MLB), Felipe Lopez, José Juan Barea (NBA), Macho Camacho & Tito Trinidad (Boxing), Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Latino Sports Writers & Broadcasters Association (LSWBA) and the Retire 21 movement to name a few.

Latino Sports In The News

Latino Sports has been featured in the New York Times, Daily News, NY Post, Sporting News, El Diario, The San Juan Star, WABC – Eyewitness News, Good Day New York, Univision, NY 1 News, News 12 The Bronx and Bronx Net Cable, American Latino TV, TEMPO Magazine and in numerous newspapers throughout the country.

Latino Sports Today

  • Latinosports.com: A popular multi platform sports news site generated to the millions of English dominant, culturally sensitive Latino and to the demanding non-Latino fan that wants to know more about Latino’s in sports, or for those that want to read the opinion of a Latino on a specific sports event.
  • Latinosports.com/La Tienda ofering rare and unique sports products related to the Latino community.
  • Latino Sports Promotions: We are the initiators and organizers of the following popular events:
    • The prestigious LatinoMVP award honoring the most outstanding Latino players in baseball since 1989. The award is given in conjunction with the Latino Sports Writers & Broadcasters Association who select the players through a national & international voting process.
    • The Celebrity Basketball Game & Family Day. An annual event dedicated to the theme of Missing Children and Obesity in Children. The event takes place at Orchard Beach and has become a pilgrimage for families and people of all ages every year since 1995.
    • 21 Days of Clemente. From December 10 to December 31st LSV sponsors a series of events, exhibitions and contest involving schools and organizations dedicated to the Puerto Rican baseball superstar, Roberto Clemente who was killed in an airplane crash on December 31st, 1972. This is an annual event since 2000.
    • Back To School Sports Day: Since 2006 LSV has organized a “Hanging with the Kids” event to provide free school supplies to children in the South Bronx community.
  • Latino Sports Productions: A video productions unit that has produced several video productions for our own site and for independent producers and organizations. LSP also produced its first film production, The Legacy of #21 a documentary on the life and times of Puerto Rican superstar, Roberto Clemente as told by others.  The film has become the major promotions vehicle for the national Retire 21 Campaign and was featured in ESPN En Español.

Latino Sports has also developed special training seminars for developing baseball players. Our trainings have focused on the following topics;

Press Relations for Latino players in the Dominican Republic baseball camps, the minor league’s and rookies during Spring Training. This training focuses on the history and commonalities between the working press and the Latino athlete.  The title of this training is: The Press Is Not Your Friend, The Press Is Not Your Enemy, The press is Simply The Press.

The New York Yankees have been one of our first clients offering this training to their players. Mariano Rivera sat in on one training seminar and stated, “I wish they had this for me when I was a rookie coming into the system. They covered it all.”

Our second training is targeted to players in the Dominican Baseball Camps who require two areas of concentration. This training: Acclimating To The World Of Baseball focuses on:

• Helping young Latino players acclimate to the changes in their lives upon moving up to the minor leagues in the states.

The second part of the training is titled: Life After Baseball which focuses on:

• The delicate issue of the over 95% that will not make it to the majors and how they will deal with their lives when they are released. This special training focuses on taking what they have learned in their short baseball career and how to apply those skills to surviving after baseball. This training was first commissioned by NY Mets General Manager, Omar Minaya for his players in the Dominican Republic Baseball Academy.

We were congratulated by all the coaching staff that stated “the training seminar had positive lasting effects for weeks to come.” We believe that this training is now more valuable than ever, thus we are constantly marketing it to the mayor league teams.

Unfortunately, it was only Omar Minaya who understood the importance of this training and offered it twice during his tenure with the NY Mets. We are optimistic that other teams will eventually want to do the politically correct thing and offer this training to their players in the Dominican Republic baseball academies.

Latino Sports As Training Ground For Young Latinos

Many young Latinos who have come through Latino Sports by volunteering to work on some of our projects, joining our working team, or interning have moved on and established themselves in developing businesses, or organizations.

Among them: Eddie Ramirez, R & M Promotions & Entertainment; Kimberly Pabón, LIPS Marketing; Jorge Medina, Verdero Sports; Lance Rios, Being Latino; Julio Antonio, Selva City Productions; Esperanza Ramírez, Field Of Hopes, Inc.; Joaquin Gerena Quiñonez, El Barrio Cinema, Inti Janiero, Founder/CEO at UrbnWorks; Dario Lopez Jr.; Melito Productions, Rita Rivera, Photogratpher/producer, Latinos Baseball Photo Book; Daniel Mogollon, President of the NFL Draft Bible and Co-Founder of College Football Insiders

Latino Sports Mission

Our Mission is to become a leading Latino enterprise in sports by providing quality products and services that will also instill Love, Pride & Goodwill and become a catalyst for economic empowerment in the Latino community.