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HOPE Week: Think Kindness at P.S. 73 [Photos]



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New York, NY – If there’s one event I wish I could cover, it would be the New York Yankees’ Annual Event, HOPE Week. I believe in its’ mission and the impact it makes in the lives they connect with. One year, I will cover HOPE Week. Until then, here’s the information and photos from today’s event that took place at P.S. 73 in the Bronx.

TODAY’S EVENT: Yankees players CC Sabathia, Luis Severino, David Robertson and Aaron Hicks, along with third base coach Phil Nevin, Yankees General Partner / Vice Chairperson Jennifer Steinbrenner Swindal and Yankees Senior Vice President and General Manager Brian Cashman joined the founder of Think Kindness, Brian Williams, to surprise fourth and fifth graders at P.S. 73 in the Bronx. Williams — with help from Yankees players and staff — led a school assembly about changing the world through simple acts of kindness.

ABOUT TODAY’S HOPE WEEK HONOREE (Think Kindness Founder Brian Williams): Founded by Reno, Nevada, native Brian Williams, “Think Kindness” visits schools in an effort to inspire measurable acts of kindness in schools and communities around the world.

His group teaches that each act of kindness, no matter how small, has an unforeseeable ripple effect that makes the world a better place and each life more fulfilled.

During each assembly, students learn the three most important life skills needed to change the world: Have no fear of being made fun of for doing the right thing, be committed to be a good person no matter how mean someone may be, and always live your life as if you were the hero of your dreams.

ABOUT HOPE WEEK: HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere & Excel) is a unique week-long community program that brings to light five remarkable stories intended to inspire individuals into action in their own communities.

Since its inception in 2009, the Yankees have recognized more than 40 different organizations as part of HOPE Week. Each day over the five-day stretch, the Yankees will reach out to an individual, family or organization worthy of recognition and support, surprising honorees with a day celebrating their accomplishments.

Outreach will often take place away from Yankee Stadium, allowing the Yankees to personally connect with individuals in settings that highlight their greatest successes. Fans can learn more about the initiative by visiting the official website at www.hopeweek.com.

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