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Hustle Believe Receive [Author Interview]



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New York, NY – Embracing the life we didn’t plan for is a struggle. When the life you envisioned ends up becoming a distorted reality, layers of emotions and self-doubt arises from within. Without a doubt, questions will surface…

How did I get here? Where I go from here? Why did I trust him/her? Where did I go wrong? Do I forgive the individual? How did I not see this coming? Sounds familiar? 

For many of us, the only thing that’s clear is the moment that destroyed our walls that was built on trust and love. In the case of Sarah Centrella, author of Hustle Believe Receive: An 8-Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream, her moment came in the form of a text.  To read more about Sarah’s moment, click here.

With that said, here’s my inteview with Sarah Centrella.

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