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Indians Could Not Dance In The Rain, Yanks Force Game 5


Bronx, NY – Heritage Park, located across the street from Yankee stadium and once the location of the original stadium has a huge sign in one of the fences that reads: “Sometime You Win, Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes It Rains.”

Rain it did and besides the raindrops it also rained a series of errors for the Indians that produced a total of five runs, all unearned. This for a team that is considered one of the best defensive teams in the league. Four of those runs coming in the bottom of the second. This helped chase Indians started Trevor Bauer who was pitching on three days rest as opposed to his usual four. In the pre-game press conference, Terry Francona was asked about Bauer pitching on three days. Francona responded, “….I think the way he’s pitching, the way the Yankees are hitting, the score of the game will influence how long he goes, not the one-day short rest.”

Apparently, the rain, or the three day rest affected Bauer because he was not as sharp as he normally is. Francona never expected to pull Bauer out of the game so early, but walks, hits and two costly errors by Indians third baseman, Geovany Urshela rained on Cleveland’s parade of being one of the best defensive teams in the league. So I guess the sign in Heritage park has meaning, “Sometimes it Rains.”

Cleveland bats finally woke up with homeruns, a two run shot by Roberto Perez and a solo shot by Carlos Santana made the game more exciting with the score 5-3. However, Cleveland still continued to give away runs by letting the Yankees score their sixth unearned run in the 5th. The Yankees finally got their first earned run on a Gary Sanchez homerun in the sixth inning to make the score 7-3.

Luis Severino pitched well for the Yanks. Cleveland only got four hits, 3 runs on two home runs and nine KO’s enough to keep the Indians off the bases and off from clinching a title so off to Cleveland the Yanks go.

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