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Interview With The Author Of Black Ink



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Black Ink Pub CoverNew York, NY – Before you read my interview with Jose Corpas, boxing writer and author of Black Ink: A Story of Boxing, Betrayal, Homophobia, and the First Latino Champion, here’s the synopsis Jose provided me of his book:

Black Ink is the long overdue biography of Panama Al Brown, a fighter so unpopular, fans stormed the ring and nearly killed him in an attack that might be considered a hate crime today.

Outside of the ring he faced a boxing establishment so determined to deny him his championship status, they stripped him of his first title without explanation. Despite the efforts of some, nothing could keep Panama Al Brown from becoming boxing’s first Latino world champion.

This book, which is now available, covers it all from his early struggles growing up in Panama as the son of a former American slave, his relationship with poet Jean Cocteau, up to his final days as a forgotten and homeless ex-champion found unconscious and near death on a cold street in New York.

It’s a story of a remarkable man and Hall of Fame fighter forced to overcome racism, homophobia, corruption, disease, addiction, and betrayal on his way to boxing history. It’s the Panama Al Brown story.

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