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Was Jenrry Mejia Suspended For Not Snitching?


Many times when it comes to the news, we only hear one side. Every newspaper, tabloid, and news report from all sources ran the story on how NY Mets pitcher, Jenrry Mejia had been busted for a second time using steroids. I remember the comments being made by fans and the public at large. Even many Latino reporters had judged Mejia not only guilty, but more than ignorant for being busted a second time.

However, we have always believed that there are two sides to any story and this we found is the side o fthe story from Jenrry Mejia. We thank fellow sports caster and reporter for sharing this story with Latino Sports. Becuase people need to know all sides before they cast judements.

Was Jenrry Mejia Suspended For Not Snitching?

By Felix DeJesus (New York) – When the majors made the decision to suspend NY Mets right-hander, Jenrry Mejia for the second time this year the 162-game suspension will have him out until the 2016 season. The suspension is for failing a blood test for the steroid Stanozolol and Boldenone. Something that could be erased if Jenrry Mejia testified against a character that major league baseball wants to get out of baseball

It all started in the month of February of this year when Jenrry Mejia was at his home in Dominican Republic. “I suffer from asthma and heart ailment and I felt sick for about eight days I was lying in bed with diarrhea. We called the doctor and my mother who is a nurse injected me with what I thought was vitamin B12,” Mejia said.

February 21, Jenrry Mejia arrives to training camp where they conduct a physical examination and a month later they inform him that the tests were positive for the steroid (Stanzolol). When I spoke to his brother who practices weightlifting he learned that his mother had injected him with Winstrol (Stanozolol).

Jenrry Mejia stated on April 11 that he honestly did not know how the banned substance had entered his body. Likewise there is no defense, not knowing what they had injected him with. “I’m clear with the suspension and understand that there is no appeal for this type of situation,” Mejia said. Besides being suspended, Jenrry Mejia was suffering from pain in his right elbow and team doctors in April gave him a cortisone shot.

Mejia, after being suspended returns to Dominican Republic where on June 9, MLB conducts a urinalysis and blood test. Mejia, continued his rehabilitation at the Mets’ complex in the Dominican Republic. On July 5 Jenrry Mejia returns to states to Las Vegas, with the triple A Mets and make they take another test, this time only urine. July 7 after serving his first suspension Jenrry Mejia starts pitching for the Mets and a few days later he is informed that he has been suspended for the second time for 162 games that is the figure that Major League Baseball and the Players Association have agreed if you test positive a second time.

“The second time the tell me that I tested positive for Stanazol a lesser amount than the first time and also for Boldenone.” “I told them that is not possible because the only thing I was injected with was cortisone from team doctors at the beginning of Abril,” Mejia said. “I told my lawyer, Peter Greenberg I am willing to appeal.” He and the Players’ Association told me that if I appeal MLB would bring out the results of the third test to suspend me for life from baseball.” he added Mejia “I also told my attorney to go to an independent doctor to see where does this come from and they told me that only MLB doctors can do these exams.”


With everything that has happened to Jenrry Mejia, the humiliation, loss of $ 2,112.869 from his $ 2, 595,000 salary this year, he had an outlet, a way out.

MLB and the Players Association gave him a proposal where if Mejía had testified against a person who has worked with several players and is a suspect in steroid distribution, MLB would reach an agreement and even cancel the second suspension. Mejia stated, “First of all the person they are investigating has never given me anything.” Second, I thought what guarantee do I have that afterwards they would not just sit back and the suspension remains?”

MLB, many thought were comfortable with those responsible for the case against Biogenesis, however they are still investigating even more people involved. And the person they are investigating is working with the biggest stars in the business. At present Jenrry Mejia stands alone in his battle to save his baseball career.

He does not have the support of his attorney or the Players Association.   Only one friend has called and that is the player that occupies his position of closer, Jeurys Familia. “He is the only one I stay in contact with and he tells me not to lower my head,” Mejia added. The immediate future of Jenrry Mejia is to return to the Dominican Republic to pitch for Licey. “I am looking to pitch some 70 innings this winter as I have pitched very little this season.”

It can be a lonely world when your suspended in the majors but more so when you do not want to testify to something that can classify you as a snitch.

For this article the only thing that the Players Association told us is that they can not speak publicly about individual cases. Jenrry Mejia’s lawyer, Peter Greenberg could not be reached after leaving a message on his cell phone.


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