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Jets vs. Bills: Five Thoughts Or Less…



East Rutherford, NJ – After three quarters of Sunday NFL football at MetLife Stadium, the New York Jets (4-11) are 10 minutes away from winning their fifth game of the season as they currently lead the Buffalo Bills (7-8), 30-10, in the fourth quarter.

Here’s five thoughts or less I have from today’s game…

  1. Sea of Grey: With the Jets only playing for pride against the Bills, MetLife Stadium looked half full. Struggle or no struggle, fans will not attend games if the J-E-T-S aren’t playing competitive football and producing points in the endzone.
  2. Pedialyte Day: Based on the energy flowing throughout MetLife Stadium, there’s a possiblilty many of the spectators as well as the players from both sides are drained from last night’s New Year’s Eve festivities. Regardless of last night, I am confident that more than half the spectators in attendance didn’t have a full night of sleep. If the Jets had a Pedialyte Day two hours before kickoff, the crowd would be more energetic and would remain for the entire duration of the game.
  3. Go For It On Fourth Down: Sunday’s game against Buffalo was New York’s last game of the season. So why not go for it on every Fourth Down? Seriously, the Jets gain nothing from today’s win and coach Todd Bowles isn’t going to be fired. Throw in a flea-flicker, Hail Mary or a fake spike, I don’t care. Even if the Jets lose, fans will be talking about the Jets unorthodox playing making calls.
  4. Trade the First-Round Pick: If and when the NFL Draft takes place, the Jets should consider trading their first-round pick. First-Round Picks are expensive and from an economical perspectitive, it’s a money pit. If I was the general manager, I would figure out the market value of my first-round pick and trade it for two second-rounders, a third-rounder and an experienced offensive lineman.
  5. Fifth Win, Nuff Said: Season in, season out, the most I expect from the Jets is a 5-win season. After defeating the Buffalo Bills by a final score of 30-10, the J-E-T-S finish their season with a 5-11 record. With that said, five wins is enough.


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