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Guest Writer

If you’re interested in sharing whats on your mind in sports, but never had that outlet, then you we have found each other. You want to commit, but have reservations because of your hectic lifestyle (haci estamos todos) that’s cool.

If you can not submit three articles per month, you can contribute as un invitado, a guest writer. We are not stressing, so guest contributions can be submitted at your pace (we know how hectic it is out there). If all you can commit to is once a month, or  yearly that’s cool.

Article Submission Guidelines & Checklist

Submit topic matter to [email protected] by Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST. It should include:

  • A couple of sentences describing the topic
  • Relevance to a unique audience that wants to know our side of the story in sports.
  • Title

Approved articles must be submitted by 6:00 a.m. EST on Friday to [email protected].

All submissions will be reviewed by our editors. Basic editing might be done and perhaps returned for the following reasons:

  • 2.5 paragraph or, 500 word minimum
  • Lack of basic writing including Introduction, body and conclusion
  • Lack of continuity and clarity of subject matter
  • Excessive grammar, punctuation and/or spelling errors, improper abbreviations
  • Lack of credible sources/references (Wikepedia should be used sparingly)
  • Other recent articles on the same topic are not referenced
  • Writer shares a personal story without a substantive message
  • Writer addresses reader with questions rather than a conclusion
  • Self-promotion or advertisement
  • Use of profanity or vulgarity
  • Article is not original content (All content must be original & exclusive to Latino Sports)

Submission Checklist

  1. Test the flow of your article by reading it out loud
  2. Perform a word/sentence count to ensure you’re within the limit of 500 words/3 paragraphs of 5 or less sentences
  3. Save text as a MS Word (doc file, not docx), Wordpad, Notepad, Google Doc. File
  4. Include photo file names (not photos) within text [insert photofilename here]?
  5. Ensured that any video link for embedding is youtube or Google
  6. Include all necessary references as hyperlinks. Remember, if you didn’t see the information first-hand, you got it from somewhere
  7. Include link(s) to other recent and relevant Latino Sports articles
  8. Attach one to two relevant photos to the email
  9. Use the article title as the email subject