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Jose Aldo: The Road to Reconquering the Gold



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Jose Aldo UFC200New York, NY – On Saturday, July 9 from the at T-Mobile Arena, Jose Aldo (25-2) and Frankie Edgar (19-4-1) will face each other in a five-round MMA fight for the UFC Interim Featherweight Championship in UFC 200.

It’ll be Jose Aldo’s first fight since UFC196. After being undefeated for more than a decade, Aldo lost the championship that he defended for almost five years in 13-seconds of the first round to Conor McGregor.

Rather than dwell on the glory that was once his, Aldo will have his opportunity of taking his first steps toward becoming the undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion.

And there’s no better opponent for Aldo than New Jersey native, Frankie Edgar.

Edgar, a former UFC Lightweight Champion, had rebounded from three consecutive losses to produce a five-fight winning streak. Ironically, Edgar’s last loss was to Aldo when they fought for the UFC Featherweight Championship back in UFC 156.

Through their ambition, discipline and dedication, both fighters reached the highest level of their careers and became champions. Through their will and ability to evolve, both fighters were able to maintain their position as the best fighter in their division. Through their losses and setbacks, both are now in position to regain what was once rightfully theirs. On UFC 200, one will leave the octagon as champion. Who’s it going to be?

With that said, here’s my interview with Jose Aldo.

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