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Buddy Reed: Keep An Eye On This BX Boy


I was on the field yesterday watching the young future stars taking batting practice when I saw Dave Winfield. I went over to Dave and again (as I have done every time I meet him), thanked him for the years he was a Yankee and gave us so many thrilling moments. I also thanked him for his foundation and the work that it did for many South Bronx youth.

Dave smiled and we chatted for a brief moment, and pointed out to another Bronx boy that I should interview. He pointed to Buddy Reed.

Buddy Reed is a Bronx boy from the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. Now, you know there was no way that I was going to pass up an opportunity to interview and toss a few questions to a homeboy from my Boogiedown. I could not get to him during batting practice, but I waited after the game.

Casual interview with Buddy. (Photo Latino Sports)

Bucky had come into the game in the 5th inning to play center field. He immediately showed his talent with his defense and offense. I caught up with Bucky after the game.

LS: How does it feel being here today in this MLB All-Star Futures Game?

BR: It’s been a long journey. From where I started to where I am now. I’m only looking forward; I’m only looking up. It’s been a lot of fun to be around all these guys, younger guys that are nineteen, eighteen, and it’s awesome; it’s been a blast. God is good, I feel very fortunate.

LS: You know the last guy who made it big to the majors from the Bronx was Bobby Bonilla.

BR: That was a long time ago, but he’s still making money (laughing). He’s a smart guy.

LS: How do you feel repping a borough that is still stigmatized by its negative past and only known for Hip Hop, burning fires and grafitti?

BR: Yeah, it’s a lot. I’m glad to be born and raised in the Bronx. To be a New Yorker and to be from there. It’s not a lot of weight on my shoulders, but it is a lot I carry with me and I’m glad to carry. Like I said, I’m just look forward, looking up and I’m going to make it.

LS: Is that where you get that hustle, that speed that we saw out there today when you chased and caught that ball in deep center. You ran a lot in the BX?

BR: Yeah, but really from my mom. I got all my speed from my mom.

We will continue to follow up on Buddy as he advances through the minors.

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