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Latin Boogaloo: WE LIKE IT LIKE THAT [Interview]



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Latin Boogaloo1New York, NY – Following an interview, I rarely post it immediately.

The reason I do this is because I am in the routine of listening to an interview over and over and over and sometimes over again until I find the story that will inspire me to type it. For example, it’s been over a month since I interviewed WE LIKE IT LIKE THAT Filmmaker Mathew Ramirez Warren and Latin Boogaloo Legend, Joe Bataan.

While each interview is unique in its own way, this one was special. With Mathew, I felt I could relate to his sacrifice and dedication that goes in trying create an idea into a reality. In Joe, he reminded me of the legacy I had stored away in box over 20 years ago. Just to be clear, I was never ashamed of my legacy. I just never felt ready or worthy enough to embrace it.

Along with listening to the interview, I watched the documentary numerous times. It wasn’t the music or the story that caught my attention. It was Joe Bataan’s religious pendant necklace. It similar to the one my Grandfather used to wear before he passed away in 1994. Prior to our interview, I told Joe about it and I proceed to show him the one Abuelo wore when he was alive.

Joe’s confirmation helped me accept that just because something or someone isn’t around or talked about as much does it mean that the personal value you have for it has diminished. That’s life and it’s up to me to honor the legacy that was left for me. One other thing Joe taught me was that you stay stand your ground because you never know when you’ll have the opportunity to defend and embrace the position that life may have given you.

Whether or not you believe the impact Latin Boogaloo made, no one can deny the fact that it happened. Fast forward to 2016, Latin Boogaloo continues to exists in the memories and hearts of those who lived it. As important as it is to appreciate the music, the story of Latin Boogaloo is one of evolution, elimination and resurrection.

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