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LatinoMVP Award

LatinoMVP Award

Mr. Julio Pabón, President of Latino Sports has dedicated the majority of his life supporting issues that promote the economic and political development of the Puerto Rican/Latino community.

Our Mission in becoming a leading sports-themed Spanglish online publication has been achieved.  By providing quality content on a consistent basis, we’ve demonstrated over the past 24-years that no matter how advanced technology becomes, it’s no substitute for the Love, Pride & Goodwill that goes into our work.

Latino Sports Ventures, Inc. is a multi-faceted Latino sports marketing firm. Since 1989, under the direction of Julio Pabón, Latino Sports Ventures Inc. has promoted, marketed and developed strategies to enhance and expose our professional Latino athletes. LSV works to bring these talented individuals into the forefront of their respective communities and corporate America.

Latino Sports Ventures, Inc. has been awarding the Latino Most Valuable Player Award since 1989. The award is presented to the Best Latino Baseball player of the season.  It has been institutionalized as one of the most prestigious and recognized awards given to Latino baseball players.  It has gained the respect of the players, franchises, Latino press and Latino community at large.

In 1989, Ruben Sierra was the first Latino baseball players to be honored.  Since then, LSV has continued to recognize Latino athletes who have excelled in the sports in association with the Latino Sports Writers & Broadcasters Association (LSWBA).

In continuing with our tradition of naming a LatinoMVP, New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera will be honored on August 13, 2013. Supporters of this online publication will have an opportunity to enter the contest we’re having where you’ll have the opportunity to meet Major League Baseball’s greatest closer. For more information about the contest, click here.

The Latino MVP Awards event concept

LatinoMVP Award

Mariano Rivera at last year’s LatinoMVP Award luncheon where he received his 7th award. (Photo Bill Menzel/LSV)

Our concept is to create a bridge where youngsters & the local community will have the opportunity to experience a major league baseball star receive an award for his achievements as an athlete.

We believe that by giving youngsters and the community the opportunity to earn an invitation to attend such a prestigious event will expose them to the positive motivation that they need to continue to excel in school and the community they live in.

We ask that every sponsor allocate a few seats at their table for some of these community youngsters & leaders to be their guest.




Latino Sports MVP Award Winners

  • 1989 – Ruben Sierra
  • 1990 – Bobby Bonilla
  • 1991 – Julio Franco
  • 1992 – Carlos Baerga
  • 1993 – Juan Gonzalez
  • 1994 – Moises Alou
  • 1995 – Edgar Martinez
  • 1996 – Juan Gonzalez
  • 1997 – Pedro Martinez
  • 1998 – Sammy Sosa & Juan Gonzalez
  • 1999 – Ivan Rodriguez
  • 2000 – Carlos Delgado & Edgardo Alfonso
  • 2001 – Roberto Alomar & Luis Gonzalez
  • 2002 – Alfonso Soriano & Vladimir Guerrero
  • 2003 – Albert Pujols & Ivan Rodríguez NL | Alex Rodríguez AL
  • 2004 – Albert Pujols NL & Vladimir Guerrero AL
  • 2005 – Albert Pujols NL & David Ortiz AL
  • 2006 – Albert Pujols NL & David Ortiz AL
  • 2007 – Albert Pujols NL & Magglio Ordoñez AL
  • 2008 – Albert Pujols NL & Alex Rodríguez AL
  • 2009 – Albert Pujols NL & Miguel Cabrera AL
  • 2010 – Albert Pujols NL & Robinson Cano AL
  • 2011 – Albert Pujols NL & Robinson Cano AL
  • 2012 – Marco Scutaro NL & Miguel Cabrera AL
  • 2013 – Yadier Molina NL & Miguel Cabrera AL