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New York, NY – Rather than throw in my two cents when MMA will be legalized in MMA or this past weekend’s UFC 168, I’m more interested in writing about how Mixed Martial Arts have impacted the lives of individuals of others here in New York. The misconception of Mix Martial Arts (MMA) being a form of “human cockfighting” is exactly what it is, a misconception.

Having been trained in several styles of Martial Arts, I understand the importance of  discipline, technique, respect, trust, friendship, control and honor. So, if there’s a story out there, send it my way like  ”Action Sports Director Extraordinaire” and my twitter friend, @BobbyRazak recently did.

Thanks to Bobby, I’m now familiar of the nonprofit organization, Live To Fight.  As stated on their website,

“Live to Fight Inc. is a not for profit organization headed by Kristen Brown, cancer survivor and dedicated martial arts fan, practitioner and journalist, and governed by an accomplished board of directors. Live to Fight Inc. raises money and offers additional support for people in the martial arts and mixed martial arts community suffering from life threatening illnesses.”

It’s definitely a cause worth writing about in 2014. I’ve already had several email exchanges with the organization. With the Holiday Season in swing, it was impossible for us to meet for a Q&A. In the meantime, please follow them at @LivetoFightInc.

Happy New Year’s & Live To Fight! 


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