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Love Is Everything, But So Is Baseball


Philadelphia, PA: Traveling to Philly to experience a Yankee Inter League game in a city that they have not visited in a regular season game since 2006 was of interest to me. I also have an interest in experiencing Yankee fans in other stadiums. As such my experience was rewarding not just in the game, but also in learning about another interesting story.

I learned about a mother and son, Jennie Leuzarder and her 15-year-old son, Lucas. This mother and son are not just Yankee fans that came down to Philadelphia to see their favorite team play the Phillies, but more important they came to make this the 25th stadium that they have visited.

Jennie and her son began this baseball adventure back in 2011 when she took her father in law, Lucas’ grandfather to Fenway Park who’s immigrant ancestors from Ireland settled in Boston and were Red Sox fans.  “After that first game we just got hooked,” Jennie stated. She continued, “that year we visited in northern California and we had a chance to visit Oakland and San Francisco.”

Love is everything, but so is baseball. (Photo Latino Sports)

Apparently, that was the beginning of this remarkable baseball journey and goal of visiting all of the 30 major league baseball stadiums. Thus far, Jennie and Lucas have visited 25 of the stadiums. Lucas was just eight years old when they started and was more interested in seeing the playgrounds that the teams had for the children. As he grew older he began to enjoy the other amenities of the stadiums. I asked him which was his favorite thus far? He told me that his favorite was Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies because the view of the mountains and how they incorporated the mountain scene in the outfield. He also told me that the Arizona Diamondbacks was another favorite because they had a swimming pool in deep center field.

I asked his mom, Jennie the same question. She went back to that first game in Fenway. She explained that the energy she experienced from the fans in and outside the stadium and the proximity of the fans in the stadium to the players made that her favorite.

I have heard many baseball fan stories, but I have to admit that this one is one for the books, well at least for this article.

Jennie and Lucas have five more stadiums to cover to reach their milestone. Those are: The Marlins in Miami, Milwaukee Brewers, Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds, and the Minnesota Twins.

I salute these two Yankee fans that have tried to visit the teams when the Yankees are playing them. That is why this trip to Philadelphia was special because they got a chance to do both, visit the stadium and see their favorite team.

I especially have to shout out to the mom, Jennie. It takes mucho resources, time and commitment to accomplish this baseball dream as a single mom. A dream that her son, Lucas will remember for the rest of his life and have plenty of stories to tell his children one day.

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