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Lucha Underground: Hombre vs. Máquina



New York, NY – On Tuesday night at Citi Field, the New York Mets defeated the San Francisco Giants by a final score of 6-3. As the 2018 season of Major League Baseball is about to enter it’s final month of the regular season, it’s time for Lucha Underground!

Synopsis: Its man vs. machine for the Lucha Underground championship in this week’s all-new episode of “Lucha Underground. Pentagon Dark and Cage clash in an epic battle for the ages finally settling the ongoing rivalry.  Who will make it out of the ring with the title?

Meanwhile, the Mack faces Mil Muertes in the first ever haunted house match while Johnny Mundo and Taya continue with the wedding arrangements and celebrate their shower. Do not miss all the action this Wednesday, August 22nd at 8pm ET on El Rey Network.

About El Rey Network

El Rey Network is a Latino-infused entertainment brand that revels in the courage, capacity, and creativity of ordinary people on extraordinary journeys.

Launched by maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and run by Rodriguez and his artistic collective, El Rey Network develops and produces linear and digital programming as well as integrated branded entertainment offerings.

El Rey Network’s flagship is a 24-hour English-language entertainment and lifestyle cable channel that focuses a distinctly Latino lens on popular culture. El Rey Network is jointly owned by Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade with a minority stake held by Univision Networks & Studios, Inc.


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