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Mancuso Throws The Ceremonial First Pitch


Credit: Rich Mancuso

Credit: Rich Mancuso

Bronx, NY – Yours truly had a night off from the big league ballpark Monday night as the Yankees played that contingency road game in Flushing, Queens against the home team Tampa Bay Rays at Citi Field. So when the call came to visit youngsters from Nicaragua at Claremont Park there was no hesitation.

Organized by Raulino Paulino, a longtime youth baseball organizer and coach from the Bronx, the Kids of Baseball from Nicaragua, Friends of Roberto Clemente were extended an invitation to play organized games this week against the Paulino all-star teams.

Luis Miranda, founder of the Nicaragua kids and through his efforts was able to secure travel arrangements for kids 7-12 years old to travel form Nicaragua and play organized baseball for the first time in the United States and chose the Bronx.

Paulino purchased the awards and three teams stood and represented their nations with singing of the respective National Anthems. And on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 there was that special meaning of pride and the community.

This columnist would like to extend a thank you to the organizers for this great evening and granting the opportunity to throw out a ceremonial pitch and handing out awards.

Credit: Rich Mancuso/Latino Sports

Credit: Rich Mancuso/Latino Sports

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