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Mariano Rivera: A Lifesaving Loss to Remember


As “The Sandman,” rides out to the sunset along with his 652 career saves there’s one loss that Mariano Rivera achieved that’s his most important one. It happened twelve years ago in Game Seven of the World’s Series.

On November 4, 2001, Arizona Diamonbacks outfielder Luis Gonzalez singled past a drawn infield as Jay Bell scored the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning. It was Rivera’s first and only loss in post season play. Add eight wins and forty-two saves to his  post season total, and by far that one loss back in 2001 is the, literally speaking, a lifesaver.

There was a utility infielder on that Yankees squad named Enrique Wilson, who switched a plane reservation, since he didn’t have to stick around New York for any celebrations. Wilson’s original plan was to board American Airlines Flight 587, leaving Kennedy Airport bound for the Dominican Republic.

He changed his flight to an earlier one that week. Wilson, along with his wife Leydis and two year old daughter Melisssa, are still alive today due to the only loss of Rivera’s post season career. Flight 587 went down on November 12, 2001 shortly after takeoff and crashed into a residential neighborhood in Belle Harbor.

All 265 on board perished along with five others who were street pedestrians. For the Wilson family, the losers share of the 2001 World Series was an amount that was priceless.

The agony of defeat had a whole new meaning to the New York Yankees when word spread that fateful day on November 12th at 9:19 a.m. The tragedy would have had a major impact on a personal level if not for the upset at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

On that night the aura and mystique was blessed upon the losing team, as they surely were winners off the field. As Rivera rides off into the sunset he knows in the back of his mind how a rare loss turned into a miracle win in the form of a lifesaver.

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  • Julio

    Great piece Aris. Very few would know of this incredible tale if not for you and Congrats. This is sports beyond box scores.