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Marlins Pitching Coach Juan Nieves Reflects On the 30th Anniversary Of His Historic No-Hitter


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JuanNievesCardFlushing, NY – Throughout our childhood, we’ve all done this at one time or another. How many times did we grip a wooden bat or wrap black tape around a broomstick and take an imaginary swing?

We may have even added our own distinct voice as if we were impersonating our favorite baseball announcer reciting a familiar play-by-play, “It is two outs, with the bases-loaded and in the bottom of the ninth of this thrilling World Series at the “House That Ruth Built.”

“And the pitch… There it goes!”

Or how about standing alone in your bedroom and facing a huge poster of your beloved idol as if you were staring down an opposing batter in a Fall Classic?

Those unforgettable baseball moments are forever etched in our minds that only a passionate fan could relate to and only hope that a dream could have actually become a reality. Santurce native and current pitching coach for the Miami Marlins, Juan Manuel Nieves-Cruz, who made is Major League debut in 1986, played only three years with the Milwaukee Brewers.

And yet the following year, he would become a part of Brewers folklore by throwing a no-hitter (still the only one in their history) and also become the FIRST Puerto Rican native to accomplish this phenomenal achievement. Although Juanchi Nieves would only don a Major League Baseball uniform for just three years, his dream of playing in the big leagues certainly came true.

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