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A Meaningful Subway Series Begins


Queens, NY – This weekend should see sell-out crowds and great excitement at Citi Field as the Mets and Yanks meet for a very meaningful three game series.

It is the most important Subway Series other than when the two teams met in the 2000 World Series. This one counts for much more than bragging rights.

Both teams are currently good bets to play after the 2015 regular season concludes. Thus, the games being played two weeks before that season ends are very crucial to each team. Unless there is a complete collapse on the part of the Mets, it will only be a matter of time before the Amazins clinch the pennant in the National League East for the first time since 2006.

Yet, they are coming off a two game losing streak to the Marlins at their home field, which has been a downer to its fans and personnel. A good showing against their crosstown rivals will not only increase the energy level and confidence, but will assist them in clinching the pennant earlier. Thus, they can better prepare the team for its postseason contests.

Mets skipper terry Collins recently spoke of the importance of the series with the Yanks, “We’re playing for something big and they’re also. There will be a big crowd, a lot of noise and we have to go out and play…I think we will be excited.”

Although the Yankees seem a sure bet to be a Wild Card winner, that will place them in a must win game against Houston or Texas before qualifying for the American League Division Series. Obviously, capturing the pennant of the American League East would be far more preferable. They are currently trailing the first place Toronto Blue Jays by three games.

Thus, it is extremely important for the Yankees to win as many of the games remaining. Winning at least two of the three contests this weekend should raise the confidence of the team before they travel to Toronto on Monday for a three game series with the Blue Jays.

The veteran player who had become the Yankees leader, Alex Rodriguez, expressed enthusiasm of the forthcoming contests with the Mets, “It means everything. NY’s the capital of the baseball world, and to have both teams playing so well and being so relevant, I think it’s an especially important series.”

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