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Mets Payroll Nears $140 Million


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Queen, NY – What was overlooked in the excitement over the Mets’ signing slugging outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to the highest per season salary in the team’s history (he’ll earn $25 million this season) was that it pushed their payroll for 2016 to roughly $140 million.

While that figure is roughly $50 million below that of the Yankees, and is a pittance to what the Los Angeles Dodgers now spend on players, it does finally remove the stigma that in spite of being a New York-based sports franchise they have frustrated their customers by spending as if they were located in Milwaukee or Cincinnati. To use rental car company lingo, the Mets have moved up from being compacts to a mid-sized classification.

Although they always tried to dance around it, the Mets’ payroll shrunk to Lilliputian size in 2010 when it was learned that the Mets had significant financial involvement with rogue fiancier and Far Rockaway native, Bernard Madoff. Coincidentally the Madoff saga has been revisited this week as part of a two-night miniseries on ABC that stars Richard Dreyfuss.

The Madoff-related financial austerity forced the Mets to eschew pricy free agents and concentrate instead on developing their minor league system. In recent years it had become a Mets tradition at the July 31st trade deadline to send of veteran players to teams with playoff aspirations in return for blue-chip prospects. The strategy did pay off when the Mets wound up in the World Series last year.

Yoenis Cespedes has an opt-out clause in his new contract that he can enforce at the end of this coming season. Even if he were to leave, it would be extremely difficult for the team to go back to its draconian levels of compensation. For Mets management, signing Cespedes may have opened a payroll Pandora’s box.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson made a crack at the expense of his ace pitcher, Matt Harvey, when he cited his absence from the annual Baseball Writers Association of America dinner at the New York Hilton last week that took place at the height of Snowstorm Jonas “because all the flights from SoHo were cancelled.”

The quip got a lot of play in both the traditional and social media. Alderson was kidding of course but I don’t think that he would have been very happy had Harvey gotten hurt trying to get to the event.

I have a feeling that Alderson and the Mets brass weren’t very happy when Harvey appeared last Thursday at an unexpected media venue, Bravo’s popular 11 PM show, “Watch What Happens Live!” hosted by the inimitable Andy Cohen.

I have written about Harvey’s self-absorbed tendencies as well as the virtual electric fence around his locker in the Mets clubhouse when it comes to media who he deems unworthy of his time. To be fair, Harvey nicely spoofed his narcissistic man-about-town image on the program.

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