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Mets Snap Losing Streak, After Love [Movie]



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Flushing, NY – On Tuesday night, the New York Mets ended their four-game losing streak. With a season already lost, the Amazins defeated the Rangers by a 5-4 score. While New York’s win wasn’t pretty, the result of it will stand. As disappointing as this season has been, this is a team that sincerely had the potential to be contenders.

Unfortunately for the Amazins, life and its setbacks seeped into their World Series aspirations. The misfortunes that hit the Mets this season is something that happens to all of us. As I wait for our veteran writer Rich Mancuso to email me his recap of tonight’s game, I wanted to take a moment to plug the movie, After Love.

Loving someone is easy when the times are great. But what happens when the same reasons you fell in love with your partner becomes the same reasons why you hate that person? Having been through it myself, a breakup is one of the most painful experiences anyone can go through.

As clear as the reasons are for a separation, it’s the emotional memories that make it even more difficult. I don’t know what’s more difficult… believing that the relationship can be salvaged or accepting that like a video game character, you’ve run out of lives and it’s over in every sense of the word. So what exactly is solution? Who really knows?

How each individual handles the situation varies. One day, you’re lovers. The next day, you’re roommates waiting for the lease to expire. Everything that was built either crumbles or remains a shell of what could have been. The only thing certain is the relationship will end. How all parties involved move on remains to be seen. Nevertheless, that is life.

Game Summary: Tuesday, August 8, 2017

  • FINAL SCORE: Met 5, Rangers 4
  • WINNING PITCHER: Chris Flexen (1-1)
  • LOSING PITCHER: A.J. Griffin (5-3)
  • HOME RUNS (Mets): Michael Conforto (23rd HR, 1st Inning), Yoenis Céspedes (12th HR, 1st Inning), Travis d’Arnaud (10th HR, 2nd Inning)
  • HOME RUNS (Rangers): Joey Gallo (31st HR, 5th Inning), Adrián Beltré (11th HR, 6th Inning) Robinson Chirinos (13th, 9th Inning)
  • SAVE: AJ Ramos (21)
  • ATTENDANCE: 37,326
  • TIME: 2:51
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