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MLB All-Star Game: The Continued Showcase


New York, NY – The game did count Tuesday night in Miami. It had nothing to do with home field advantage in the World Series and that’s a good thing because the traditional way to decide the Fall Classic in October is home field going with the best record. Beyond all that and with pitching the dominant thing, the annual MLB All-Star game was a showcase.

And a good cause to showcase the young and future stars of the game that included the Yankees Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. There were some deserving players left out of the picture and some that were there because they had to be there because Major League Baseball knows how to put on a show.

The show was the two home runs hit by Robinson Cano and Yadier Molina, two veterans put on the American League and National League squads and placed there by MLB that fills in the rosters. They became the showcase, Molina with the game tying home run in the sixth inning and Cano with is extra inning long ball that gave the AL their 12th win in their last 15 All-Star contests.

Yes, this was baseball as it is now. They want the home run ball that is displayed in the home run derby. They got that with the dramatics of the Yankees Aaron Judge and the game was decided by the home run ball. But pitching is dominating the game of baseball and this one once again was low scoring because of the strike outs and dominance that was displayed o the mound.

And in this era of pitching, the All-Star game lived up to expectations. You can say that this is just an exhibition, and it is, now that the annual Mid-Summer classic has no outcome on who owns home field advantage in October.

There are those who don’t care about the outcome. Ratings for the game have declined over the years and this game was no different as preliminary overnight data from Nielsen showed 2.0 on the ratings scale, similar to the game played last year in San Diego. So that is not good news for MLB but there was a game changer.

And it was entertainment, which makes sense because this is once again is an exhibition game and a cause for MLB to showcase their future stars. Alex Rodriguez the FOX Sports analyst went to the infield and interviewed players in between innings, the FOX production included outfielders fit for sound with a microphone, and Nelson Cruz took a selfie with the home plate umpire.

All of this made for perfect entertainment and a showcase for MLB. Don’t ignore the 14 strikeouts thrown by NL pitching or the lack of runs scored. The game has changed and is dominated by the home run ball, strikeouts and a fastball thrown at an average of 97mph.

Yes, this is baseball as it is today and it has to be accepted. Major League Baseball is a billion dollar industry and the players are rewarded with big time contracts. You, the fans, are the recipients of a different game and pay the price when purchasing a ticket and visiting the concession stands.

So enjoy the young stars that are taking the game to another level. As for the All-Star game, this is just another exhibition and a showcase that Major League Baseball wants you to enjoy as they continue their advantage of this never ending empire of becoming the richest game in town.

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