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Monday Night Mauling Pics, CC Sabathia’s Finale?



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Bronx, NY – From Opening Day to Game Four of the ALDS, tonight’s game maybe the Home Finale for the New York Yankees. Even if the Pinstripes leveled the series at 2-2 tonight, there’s no guarantee that they would escape Boston victorious.

While the beautiful sport of baseball is a young man’s game, sometimes you need a veteran to restore balance. In the Yankees case, it’s veteran pitcher CC Sabathia.

Does the 38-year-old veteran have enough gas in tank to play what may be his final home game in Yankee Stadium? Regardless of how the game fares, be sure to applaud the left-hander when he walks of the mound. He’s earned it. With that, here’s Bill Menzel’s pictures from Boston’s Monday night 16-1 massacre. Tune in, play ball, let’s go Yanks!

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