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New “Behind-the-Scenes” Look for the 2018 Amazins


Credit: Danny Torres

FLUSHING – It wasn’t too long ago (actually, it was 13 years ago to be exact) and I was there at Shea Stadium. Written in the newspapers and swarming throughout the internet, these two words were already making headlines to describe this 2005 baseball team in Flushing – Los Mets.

But it wasn’t this distinct nickname that the media officially dubbed this team in Queens but an actual quote spoken directly at a press conference by the newest Met outfielder from Manati, Puerto Rico.

It grabbed immediate attention and even Mets ownership was thrilled by what they heard from their recent acquisition. Just last year, he officially retired from the game and can finally call himself a World Series champion.

In 2005, they even used part of what he said every time they answered their phones at Shea Stadium. Imagine that.

He said: “I’m proud to be a part of the NEW Mets. I call it the NEW Mets because this organization is going in the right direction; the direction of winning.”

You might already know who spoke these catchy words. You guessed it – Carlos Beltrán.

Although Beltrán (who surely will be headed for enshrinement in Cooperstown) will be unfairly linked to that infamous strikeout in the 2006 NLCS his words about the “New Mets” still resonate in 2018. Because if you’ve been following this 2018 team thus far, these “New Mets” and not “Los Mets” of 2005 are looking pretty good.

But that’s not all what’s new at Citi Field.

Credit: Danny Torres/Latino Sports

As with every Major League Baseball organization when there are changes at the managerial position, a new skipper brings a new philosophy, a new energy and certainly new innovative ideas.

And with the Mets, it seems ownership took it a step further and made some rather eye-catching remodeling directly outside the Mets’ clubhouse.

From monochromatic, painted walls, in the hallway leading to the Mets’ dugout, has been magically transformed into an entirely different look for the players. And it looks – Amazin!

Credit: Danny Torres/Latino Sports

Think about it. If you’re trying to mold your employees (the players) to embrace a culture of winning you must surround their work environment with positive messages (e.g. Amazin’, Ya Gotta Believe, Let’s Go Mets) and colorful, stunning imagery that are aesthetically stimulating to the viewer.

Every time the players exit their office (clubhouse) and see a World Series trophy, a championship banner or historic player, it will remind each one of them what’s at stake and what can be achieved through perseverance and teamwork.

Credit: Danny Torres/Latino Sports

With the recent additions of Jay Bruce, Todd Frazier, Jason Vargas and some familiar faces such as Jacob DeGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Yoenis Céspedes , this 2018 team, with an influx of talented, young studs named Brandon Nimmo, Michael Conforto and Amed Rosario, is showing all of the ingredients of contending team.

Yes, the Mets are only on a two-game winning streak, but maybe having Mickey Calloway as their new skipper and the recent upgrades outside the Mets clubhouse has already started to work some magic.

But once again, Met fans have heard this before and know exactly how the team in the Bronx has been ‘remodeled’ for the 2018 season. And it’s a pretty impressive lineup. It’s downright scary.

Credit: Danny Torres/Latino Sports

But, I will say this: This restoration project at Citi Field may be eye-catching and hopefully impactful for the players but who would have thought the powerful words once spoken by a proud Puerto Rican would still resonate 13 years later.

Sometimes words can be a bit more powerful and I’m certain if Mickey Callaway heard those words he would certainly agree.

About Danny Torres

Bronx native, Danny Torres is a high school teacher, an avid baseball fan and freelance sports journalist. Besides his work with, he has written for, the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y, the N.Y. Mets, the Puerto Rico Daily Sun and Manhattan Times. He was a frequent guest on 'Solamente Pelota', a now-defunct sports program on XM/Sirius satellite radio. In 2010, he contributed to an updated prologue for the re-released book, 'Clemente, the Enduring Legacy' by Kal Wagenheim. In 2011, as part of a series commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month on, he contributed to a five-part series saluting the greatest Latino pitchers in baseball. Finally, in December, 2011, he participated in a panel discussion connected with the Smithsonian exhibition, 'Beyond Baseball, The Life of Roberto Clemente' in Baltimore, Maryland. In December, 2012, he appeared on the front page of 'El Diario/La Prensa', a NY Spanish daily newspaper and was featured in a five-part series dedicated to the legendary Puerto Rican baseball player, Roberto Clemente who tragically died 40 years ago.

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