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New Book On Roberto Alomar


Josie Alvarado, native of Salinas, Puerto Rico is an author of several books on Puerto Ricans in baseball and a sports advocate who can probably quote every meaningful statistic on Puerto Ricans in baseball. Jossie does it again and has written another baseball book that will be a joy for all Roberto Alomar fans. In this, his new book you can read and understand a larger part of the story of Alomar and his career to the HOF.

Alvarado’s new book (Photo Latino Sports)

Titled “Roberto Alomar: A Special Player”, Josie tells in detail not only the career of Alomar, but also family details, his childhood and even episodes of his time in the minors.

The 216-page biographical document, which has English and Spanish versions, includes information about Roberto and his brother Sandy since 1984.

“I never imagined I was going to write a book,” Alvarado said. “The book does not have exactly everything Roberto did in the big leagues, because that would take 500 pages. What I wanted was to do something very brief, a biography. But when I started reading the media guides and each time I had more information than Roberto gave me, the first draft, of 80 pages, became a book of over 200 pages”.

Alvarado’s work, of course, had the support of Alomar himself. “It’s an honor that Jossie has taken the time to write me a book. I never expected this. I support him because he knows me since I was little, “said Alomar.

Alomar receiving the prestigious LatinoMVP award for his 2001 season. (Photo Latino Sports)

The book is on sale through the website: and will soon arrive at bookstores.

If your interested in some of Jossie’s earlier books, visit our on-line store on this site:

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