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Nick Swisher Speaks ‘un poquito’ with the Spanish Language Media at Yankee Stadium


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Yankee Stadium—The Yankees most recent monthly Spanish Language press conference was held on the final day of August and featured outfielder Nick Swisher. These events intended to accommodate an important segment of the press corps and to better inform a loyal group of the club’s fan base are arranged and supervised by Media Relations Department Coordinator Kenny Leandry along with Latino Affairs Director Manny Garcia and Latino Affairs Assistant Manager Jeanette Rodriguez.

These press conferences started in 2004 when Latino Sports organized Latino sports writers who were upset over the lack of access to players and formed the Latino Sports Writers & Broadcaster Association (LSWBA). The LSWBA met with Yankee General Manager, Brian Cashman who to his credit immediately understood the problem and worked Latino Sports and the then Director of Media Services, Mr. Rick Cerrone to address the concern and thus the monthly press conferences have been taking place ever since.

Swisher, a highly animated personality, responded to a variety of questions in his inimitable and unhesitant manner.

When asked by the moderator and translator, NYY Spanish Language broadcaster Beto Villa if he spoke Spanish, Swisher replied, “Poquito”, a little. He informed the gathering that his wife, actress Joanna Garcia, spoke Spanish fluently. Garcia’s father, a gynecologist, was born in Cuba.

Swisher, a second generation major leaguer, began his big league career with the Athletics in 2004 and remained with them through 2007. His one season, 2008, with the White Sox is a disappointing memory, “It just wasn’t the right spot for me. It was a tough year in general. I’m glad I went through it because it made me a stronger man today.”

The ebullience he displayed when he described the last four years in New York as well as the words he used is a sign of affection for his present team, “It’s been an amazing four years to enjoy everything this city has to offer. It’s been a blessing.”

Swisher spoke confidently but honestly of the pennant race in which the Yankees are currently engaged, “You don’t know how the playoffs are going to be. Hopefully, it’s going to be super exciting. I definitely can tell you we’re ready for that challenge.”

The rightfielder for the Yanks was asked if he was disturbed when the club recently acquired right fielder Ichiro Suzuki. After some humor, he spoke with respect for the future member of the baseball hall of Fame, “he’s added speed. He’s added ‘veteranship.’ He brings so much. Why would you not want to bring a guy like that?”

Since swisher’s contract with the Yankees expires at the end of the 2012 season, questions naturally arose regarding his future in baseball. He responded, “I haven’t thought that much about free agency because I’m enjoying myself. I cherish every moment here. I don’t know what next year will bring, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”



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  • Hopefully he stays in NY, great player and for what I’m hearing he’s a great guy to. *fingers crossed*