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No Lights Throughout Puerto Rico, But The Game Goes On


San Juan, Puerto Rico: Early today many Puerto Ricans woke up once again to the nightmare that there was no electricity, yes another blackout. Unlike last Wednesday’s blackout that was caused by a falling power line that supplied power from the south of the island to the north and only affected the metropolitan area, today’s blackout has affected the entire island.

The first thought that many fans and us from the press considered was, tonight’s game. However, while there might not be any electricity throughout the island the powerful night-lights of Hiram Bithorn stadium will be beaming in San Juan as the game will not be affected at all.

Speaking to John Blundell, Vice President of Communications informed us that MLB has a standard backup policy for all international games. “This was not a system that was set up by us because of Puerto Rico’s problems,” he stated. John explained that all parties in Puerto Rico, the municipal government, and the promoters, MB Sports worked together with MLB to guarantee an adequate backup system. He explained that this is standard operating procedure for all international games and that even major league teams in the states have an electrical back up system as well.

Bottom line is that today while the entire island waits for perhaps another two days for electricity, Puerto Rico will have it’s second MLB baseball game tonight as the Indians and Twins play tonight and give the island something to take their minds off the islands consistent economic and infrastructural problems.

John Blundell said it best, “If we can provide 48 hours of relief to an island that is going through so much that’s a good thing,”

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