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Nuyorican Poets Cafe: LatinosNYC 10th Anniversary



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New York, NY – Congratulations to Raul K. Rios and everyone else involved behind the success and nurturing of LatinosNYC. For a decade, you’ve been that candle of hope for many within your Loisaida community and beyond. On Saturday night, it was evident.

On an evening which was meant to be a celebration of LatinosNYC 10th Anniversary, so many emotions hovered around the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. For many in attendance, they’ve yet to hear from their relatives who had to endure the unmerciful force of Hurricane Maria. The weary eyes, the nervous energy, the sad smiles that wouldn’t mask our concerns for our loved ones whose status we’re uncertain about was evident…

As evident as the love and support that was exhibited by each other on Saturday night’s show. Thanks to LatinosNYC’s history and acceptance behind its mission, it established the perfect setting for many in attendance to address and express their emotions through comedy, humor, music, and observation during Saturday’s 10th Anniversary show.

If history has taught us anything is that as long as tragedies and injustices co-exist, performers will rise to the occassion to illuminate the issues and feelings many of us feel but are afraid to express. It’s through their creativity… their vulnerability and honesty are they able to inspire the rest of us to change the situation.

So to Caridad De La Luz, Vanessa Hidary, True Rodriguez, Rob Vassilarakis, Christopher Chilo Cajigas, Helena D. Lewis, Ariana Rodriguez, Suni Reyass, Ngoma Hill, Maria Aponte, James Peach McClory, Joseph Sun Hernandez, Kraal Kayo Charles, Santos Taíno, Mercy L. Tullis-Bukhari, DJ Paco and everyone else in attendance… thank you.

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