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Who Is Omar Linares?


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He was one of the five post Cuban revolution baseball players to have been inducted into the recently re-opened Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame last month with the most number of votes.

Unfortunately many American baseball fans never heard of Omar Linares.

We recently had a chance to speak with Omar and would like to share some of his thoughts with our loyal readers.

We met up with Omar in the Latino Americano stadium in Havana. The last time we saw and spoke to Omar Linares was in the Oriole’s Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore on May 3, 1999 when he was part of the Cuban national team that traveled to Cuba to play the second of a historic two game series with the Baltimore Orioles. I was flattered that he remembered that encounter as I was the only reporter that was allowed to approach him after the game.

I remember how frustrating that was as the Cuban team was closed off to the press. I persisted and kept myself outside the visiting team clubhouse and waited until the Cuban team came out to board their bus. As I approached him, security kept me away, I yelled out to Linares in Spanish and told him I was from Latino Sports, a Boricua who wanted to ask him a few questions. He turned towards me and waved me to come. He and I spoke for a few minutes as he walked to board the bus.

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  • wgerenarochet

    Interesting account of the ecounter then and now. He is an example of a personal steadfastness to his values that is also one Cuba stuck to, leading to their triumph over US intent to smash their Revolution: that in part has been to uphold and safeguard their sovereignty. At this moment I would dismiss talk of “Post Revolution,” but rather the Post-US failed policy of regime change, which at the end resulted of the isolation of the US instead.