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Who Is Omar Linares?


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Sixteen years later, here I was with him again at the Latino Americano stadium and he remembered. That was impressive.

Julio Pabón & Omar Linares meeting again 16 yrs later. (Photo Latino Sports)

Julio Pabón & Omar Linares meeting again 16 yrs later. (Photo Latino Sports)

Omar was asked about the two rumors of the blank check from the Phillies and the Toronto offer. He validated both. He stated that he had received several offers to defect and play in the U.S., but that he did not want to leave Cuba. He was asked why? He answered that he was always thought by his family to be faithful. He was taught to love the team, love the country, the flag and the revolution.

Regarding the Toronto offer he stated that was beyond him. “That offer was made directly to the Cuban Baseball Federation. It was a political issue and negotiations were held with the Blue Jays, but there were some details that both countries could not resolve and it never happened.”

He was asked how did he feel about those that had left to play and make millions in the U.S.? He stated, “those that left made personal decisions. I respect those personal decisions because in the long run we are all Cubans and you want them to do well.

He also stated that he welcomes the changes that might come with the warming of relations between both countries. He believes that Cubans have helped elevate the game in the U.S. and that will continue to occur with additional Cubans playing in Major League Baseball.”

 Part Two will follow tomorrow.

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  • wgerenarochet

    Interesting account of the ecounter then and now. He is an example of a personal steadfastness to his values that is also one Cuba stuck to, leading to their triumph over US intent to smash their Revolution: that in part has been to uphold and safeguard their sovereignty. At this moment I would dismiss talk of “Post Revolution,” but rather the Post-US failed policy of regime change, which at the end resulted of the isolation of the US instead.