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Part Two Of Who Is Omar Linares?


The following is the continuation of the conversation with Cuba’s greatest baseball player, Omar Linares.

Omar was asked his thoughts about the possible changes that might take place between the U.S. and Cuba and its possible affect on Cuban baseball.

He stated that he welcomes the changes. He believes that the Cuban players that defected to play in the U.S. major leagues have helped to elevate the game both in pitching and offence. He’s on point as Reds pitcher, Aroldis Chapman’s average fastball has come in at over 100 mph and José Abreu of the Chicago White Sox win’s the American League Rookie of the Year.

He also believed that Cuban baseball would not be affected by an opening of Cuban players to play in MLB. “We have an abundant number of players in our provinces to continue to play baseball here. I don’t see our baseball descending, but rather ascending, I see a bright future because our quality is high.”

He continued, “The scheduled might have to be adjusted to allow players to play in both countries.”

He stated that though both countries had bad relations that they both had a bond because of baseball, “we both have a passion for the game,” he stated. He also believes that if American players come to the island to play it would be good for Cuban baseball.

Asked about a major league team in Cuba? “I think there could be a major league team here like in 1999 when the Orioles came here to play.”

Asked about his favorite American players and he answered: Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Derik Jeter.

Omar Linares is not disappointed that he did not get a chance to play in Major League Baseball. He did state how he would have loved to have the opportunity to have faced a Nolan Ryan, or a Roger Clemens, but understands that times were different then as they might change soon. Overall he looks forward to the change.

Today Linares works for the National Baseball Commission where he helps to develop the Cuban national team.

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    As I continue to read article at Latino Sports the I feel proud to see how well Cuba is accepting the change for the best in the baseball world. Latino Sports has such great articles and so educational for the viewer and how much there is to learn from a country that has survived all these years. The baseball in Cuba from what I have learned through the articles in Latino Sports is that Cuba has such great players and how well this Island has trained these athletetes with such great pride and skill like no other. I love the sports and I am gratetful to see the new change.