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2018 Little League World Series

One Game Boricuas Are Watching: Japan Vs. PR Little League World Series


Bronx, NY: Who, What, Where? I predict that the most exciting game to be watching in baseball today (Right now) for most Puerto Ricans on the island and in many communities in the Diaspora is not any MLB game, but a Little League game in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

That game is between Japan & Puerto Rico (representing the Caribbean). The Puerto Rican team from the southern coastal town of Guayama has surprised many as these youngsters’ have overcome many obstacles to get to this Little League World Series. While many in the mainland have forgotten the devastation caused by hurricane Maria, the reality in Puerto Rico and particularly in towns like Guayama is another story. Guayama’s baseball fields as well as many homes and building were destroyed. They did not have electricity and many were without water for months. Still today many do not have a fixed roof, or constant electricity. Thus, the fact that this Puerto Rico team was able to practice, stay focused and make it to Williamsport is a testament of faith in the love of baseball.

The team has mimicked the Puerto Rico World Baseball Classic team that dyed their hair blond, so the little “rubios” are today playing for a game that could place them in the final game for the championship after defeating British Columbia 9-4

So, like myself working in my office, but tuned in to ESPN watching this game I know that many of my Boricuas are doing the same.

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