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OUTPOST Interview with Natasha Del Toro



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OUTPOST_SOCIAL_1A (1)Flushing, NY – It’s Saturday afternoon in New York City. After spending my morning at the Tribeca Film Festival, I’m now at Citi Field covering the baseball game between the New York Mets and Washington Nationals.

Gloomy weather like today makes me wonder how far will my writing take me. There will come a day when I will permanently put my pen and pad down. For now until then, I’ll continue to write. The rest will eventually fall into place.

UPDATE: It’s the top of the fourth inning and the pitchers duel between the Mets RHP Jacob deGrom and Nationals LHP Gio Gonzalez has lived up to the billing as neither team has been able to score a run of either pitcher.

Last week, I watched a couple of episodes of Fusion TV’s twelve-episode docuseries, “OUTPOST.” Basically, this series and I quote, “focuses on stories and locals from Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Cuba, Argentina, Honduras, Chile and more. From Oaxaca to Argentina and Easter Island to Paraguay, the docuseries offers an offbeat and immersive exploration of Latin America.”

So what do I think about, “OUTPOST?” I dig the show’s offbeat exploration of Latin America because I found it to be an eye-opening experience. There’s the information we’re told and there’s the information we watch. In the case of Fusion TV’s show, I appreciate their investigative and honest approach behind each episode that I’ve watched so far.

With that said, check it out Sunday’s episode titled, ‘Puerto Rico.” Hosted by Natasha Del Toro, she meets the punk rockers of Puerto Rico and investigates some of the very real issues they have to sing about, as well as investigating reports that the iconic tree frog Coqui is endangered, and meets the people trying to change that.

Note: “OUTPOST” airs Sunday nights with English-language episodes airing on FUSION TV at 8PM (channel listings) and Spanish-language episodes airing on UniMas at 11PM.

With that said, here’s my interview with Natashas Del Toro…

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