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Again: Believe It When You See Pacquiao And Mayweather In The Ring


New York, NY – What’s going on here? Again this writer refers to the words of Dick Young the late and great New York sports scribe. So Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. had this impromptu meeting Tuesday in Miami at halftime of a basketball game. And now supposedly this mega fight of four years in the making is close to reality.

But is the fight closing in? Once again believe it when you finally see the two in the ring trading fists, because there are still obstacles preventing this fight from becoming and breaking all time revenue records in boxing history.

You hear and read that Bob Arum, who has a promotional contract with Pacquiao, agreed to the major obstacles that have made this a drama good for reality television. The drug testing protocols, date and venue, and split of the purse from all accounts are in place.

The rights to televise what would be an all-time pay-per-view revenue maker reportedly have been agreed to be a joint venture with Showtime/CBS and HBO/Time Warner.

However, officials from both networks are not commenting. HBO is the pay-per-view home for Pacquiao and Mayweather has two more dates remaining on his six fight mega contract deal with the CBS/Showtime deal.  Reportedly, and this comes from reliable sources, the televised deal has not been finalized and it is a matter of Pacquiao and Mayweather putting their names on a contract.

So all of this drama, Mayweather and Pacquiao meeting at courtside and later on in a Miami hotel suite, once again had social media buzzing. The unprecedented meeting for the first time, with the two main faces of boxing, added to the anticipation. And there is a constant rumor that the official word of a May 2 mega fight will finally come this Sunday at the Super Bowl in Glendale Arizona.

Though the Super Bowl would be a perfect vehicle to end the drama, always the premiere and top televised game of the year, Mayweather would be more inclined to not making breaking news on the NBC Sports/Comcast Network that will televise the big game Sunday.

And you really believe that CBS and Showtime executives who pay millions to Mayweather will be dancing in their suites if that should occur? Crazy things do happen and with this drama that has been unfolding, you never know. But that is highly unlikely to be seen when the Patriots and Seahawks battle for supremacy on the NBC television network.

At this juncture all the positive signs come from that meeting between Mayweather and Pacquiao. They could be one step closer to meeting in the ring, and reportedly Bob Arum was not in a disagreement with Pacquiao about the impromptu meeting with Mayweather.

Which leads to other questions, opinions and rumors, and is this fight finally going to be a reality? We know Arum and Pacquiao have agreed to the conditions set forth by the Mayweather team.  On the other hand, there is every indication that Mayweather is looking more and more as the fighter who is doing everything to preserve his legacy by avoiding Pacquiao.

Is Mayweather avoiding Pacquiao? One would tend to doubt that is the situation and he can’t afford to be the bad guy in this ongoing drama. However there is reportedly a contingency plan in place for May 2 or beyond.

Mayweather may have another meeting with Miguel Cotto on his agenda for that May 2 date. Pacquiao and Arum have been in discussions for a date in late May with Amir Khan, the former junior welterweight champion and number one welterweight contender.

So there are remaining obstacles to this mega fight and drama that continues for boxing fans and social media. And for all intent and purposes the date of May 2, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas is not signed, sealed and delivered for the mega fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr. opposing Manny Pacquiao for boxing supremacy.

Though there is one remaining obstacle and that could be the animosity that still exists with Arum and Mayweather. From the beginning of this drama, Arum and Mayweather have gone back and forth and it has been good theatre as Pacquiao continued to go about his business.

A source got word, that Mayweather, in that private meeting with Pacquiao was trying to get Arum out of the picture. In other words Mayweather wants this fight to happen on May 2, without the involvement of Bob Arum, but that is highly an unlikely scenario. They once made money together, however Arum and Mayweather had differences and there has never been peace between the two adversaries

Pacquiao has a very comfortable and good promotional agreement with Top Rank.The risks of lawsuits would add to the drama and further put this fight into jeopardy. The source also said,”Boxing is all about money,” and with this fight it is all about the revenue.

Mayweather and Pacquiao are aware of the implications. They are close to getting this done and as much as boxing fans say they are tired of this drama, they still want to see this fight. The interest will always be there but they don’t want to see two aging fighters go at it as a finale to the legacies of Mayweather and Pacquiao.

There will be a major fight on May 2, but it won’t be Mayweather against Pacquiao as the drama continues. And that drama could end, if and when Mayweather and Arum throw away their animosity of the past and make this fight finally become a reality.

Until then, all we can do is continue reading and writing about the mega fight that makes for great drama.

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