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  • Credit: Bill Menzel/Latino Sports


    Yanks Sweep Mets, Head To Boston With Momentum

    Flushing, NY – Gary Sanchez hit a three run homer in the first inning and Luis Severino was the ace again for the New York...

  • Yanks Win Subway Series


    Subway Series: The Media Dining Staff

    Flushing, NY – On Thursday night, the New York Yankees successfully swept the New York Mets in this year’s edition of the Subway Series. The fourth...

  • Yanks- Mets


    Yanks Slowly Getting Back To Strength

    Flushing, NY – With the New York Yankees on the verge of a four-game Subway Series sweep over the crosstown Mets there is good news coming...

  • Credit: Daniel Budasoff/Latino Sports


    Subway Series: Photos From The Stadium

    New York, NY – After winning the first three game of this year’s Subway Series, the New York Yankees are one game away from sweeping their...

  • Credit: George Napolitano/Latino Sports


    Brooklyn Cyclones: Matt Harvey Started [Photos]

    Brooklyn, NY – On Wednesday night, longtime Professional Wrestling photographer and Latino Sports family member George Napolitano was at MCU Park covering the Brooklyn Cyclones 6-2 loss...