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Paraguay upsets Italy with 1-1 draw!



Cape Town, South Africa- Playing in a crowd of 62,869 at Green Point Stadium, Italy title's defense almost resulted in a loss against Paraguay in Group F's opening match. One thing viewers now understand about Paraguay is that they're a very good underrated defensive teams who's accustomed to competing against top-caliber National Teams because Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay all play in the same conference. 

Respected in Latin America, Paraguay is recognized for their "garra guaran/Paraguayan guts" defense, Los Albirojas drew first blood when Antolin Alcaraz scored in the 38th minute of the first half. In the first half, they were able to disrupt Italy's flow with their revolving defense in which players would switch positions and double team the dribbler.

Despite trailing Paraguay for majority of the match, Italy demonstrated why their "Catenaccio" defense is considered the best in the World as they prevented Paraguay from scoring a second goal in the second half. As a result, they attacked Paraguay's goalkeeper Justo Villar until Daniele De Rossi scored the equalizer in the 62nd minute.


For Paraguay, the 1-1 tie puts them in excellent position to possibly win their group and advance to the second group. They next face Slovakia and if they're able to press Slovakia as they did to Italy, they should walk away with a win. As for Italy, they should be able to win against New Zealand.

Team LA/USA-Team Europe: With today's 1:1 tie, both teams have yet to record a win or a loss against each other. With nine head to head matches, both teams have a record 0-0-3.

In other World Cup news, the Netherlands dismantled Denmark with a 2-0 win and Japan defeated Cameroon 1-0. 

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