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Is The Perfect Human Being A Puerto Rican?


NEW YORK – In sports, the small island of Puerto Rico represents itself quite well among countries with larger land size and greater populations. The island is ranked among the top 10 in world basketball.

The island has quality world-class athletes in practically every discipline from Track & Field to Karate, Tennis, and Golf. Puerto Rico has had more boxing world champions than much larger countries and until Major League Baseball decided to place Puerto Rico in the U.S. draft, Puerto Rico dominated much of the Latino baseball superstars.That’s not to mention that the smallest of the Greater Antilles also has more Ms. Universes than many of the developed larger countries in the world.

Why and how is this possible? Well according to one scientist, Puerto Ricans are the closest to the perfect human being.

Below is an excerpt from the full article that appeared in El Planeta, Boston’s Latino Daily.

The closest to the perfect human being, at a genetic level, would have to be Puerto Rican, thanks to its mix of Spanish, African and Taíno heritage, according to the study by a biologist at the American University of Berkeley.

“Not that the current Puerto Rican is a man or a perfect woman, because no human group is,” he told EFE, scientist Lior Pachter, whose claim has been received with great sense of humor among the inhabitants of this Caribbean island .

From his office in California, Pachter says that he launched the investigation after meeting and listening at a conference by chance to the words of James Watson in March 2004.

Watson, who won a Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1962 for his work on the structure of the DNA molecule, spent the night making racist and homophobic comments that displeased Pachter.

Instead, his research has concluded that a mestizo with such widespread miscegenation as the Puerto Rican people have the greatest chance of hosting as close to “perfect human”.

Pachter goes further and says that the particular individual who would match the perfect human is one with the genetic makeup of HG00737 code and ensures that it already existed.

Yuisa, Taína Cacique painting by Samuel Lind.

Yuisa, Taína Cacique painting by Samuel Lind.

As a result of its analysis that the perfect human being was, specifically, a Puerto Rican woman, Pachter says he pictured her as the Taíno native, Yuiza (Loiza), who became chief of her tribe, somewhat very unusual for a woman.

In fact, his blog reproduces the portrait of the woman that came to mind and was drawn by local artist Samuel Lind.

This is the scientific response to comments, Pachter (Nobel prize in Medicine), has joined his career to improving the imperfect obsession on genetics, he recalled the researcher, whose claim has sparked all kinds of jokes among Puerto Ricans.

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