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Photos: Derek Jeter Night Pregame Ceremony



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Bronx, NY – On Sunday night, Latino Sports photographer Daniel Budasoff was at Yankee Stadium covering the pregame ceremony honoring Yankees iconic captain, Derek Jeter. With that said, here’s a rundown of all who took part in the field with Derek Jeter.

Infield ceremonies:
• Dick Groch, area scout who signed Jeter
• Gary Denbo, current Yankees VP of Player Development
• Gene Michael, current Yankees SVP and Special Advisor
• Jean “Soot” Zimmer, wife of former Yankees coach Don Zimmer
• Rob Thomson, current Yankees bench coach
• Gene Monahan and Steve Donohue
• David Cone, former teammate
• Gerald Williams, former teammate
• Joe Girardi, current Yankees manager
• Hideki Matsui, former teammate
• Willie Randolph, former Yankees coach
• Paul O’Neill, former teammate
• Tino Martinez, former teammate
• Reggie Jackson, former Yankee, current Yankees special advisor
• Bernie Williams, former teammate
• Joe Torre, former Yankees manager
• Andy Pettitte, former teammate
• Mariano Rivera, former teammate
• Jorge Posada, former teammate

Jeter’s family members:
• Dorothy Connors, Derek’s grandmother
• Sharlee Jeter and Jalen Jeter-Martin, Derek’s sister and nephew
• Dr. Charles Jeter and Dot Jeter, Derek’s parents
• Derek Jeter and his wife, Hannah Jeter

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