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players-tribuneNew York, NY – Friday night at Citi Field and the New York Mets are currently down 4-2 to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the fourth inning.

In today’s digital world, we at Latino Sports understand and value the importance of collaborating with other online publications in order to showcase and create awareness of each other’s work and dedication within our respectable communities.

So when the fine folks from The Players’ Tribune contacted me, I knew this was a win-win situation for our online publications. With that said, on a weekly basis, I will post the link my favorite article of the week.

For this week, The Players’ Tribune article I selected was written by Juventus defender Dani Alves. He talks about his career, Messi, Europe, and his love for Barcelona.

Here’s an excerpt of his article…

On Barcelona, Messi, and Guardiola:

“When I was 18, I moved across the ocean just for the opportunity to play for a club that played against Barcelona. So to have the honor of playing for Barca? It was incredible. I got to be a witness to true genius.

I remember during one training session, Messi was doing things with the ball at his feet that defied logic. Of course, that is what he did every day. Only this time, something was different.

Now, I need to remind you, this was an extremely intense training session. We were not messing around. Messi was dribbling through the defense and finishing like a killer.

On leaving Barcelona last year:

“Was I disrespected by the board of directors before I left the club last summer? Absolutely. That is simply how I feel, and you can never tell me any different.

But you cannot play for a club for eight years, and achieve everything that we did, and not have that club in your heart forever. Managers, players and board members come and go. But Barca will never go away. Before I went to Juventus, I made a final promise to the board at Barcelona. I said, ‘You’re going to miss me.’



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