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The Players’ Tribune: Andrés Guardado



New York, NY – Thursday morning and less than 12 hours, the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off! In today’s digital world, we at Latino Sports understand and value the importance of collaborating with other online publications in order to showcase and create awareness of each other’s work and dedication within our respectable communities.

So when the fine folks from The Players’ Tribune contacted me, I knew this was a win-win situation for our online publications. With that said, from time to time, I will post the link my favorite article of the week.

For this week, The Players’ Tribune World Cup-themed article I selected was written by the Captain of the Mexican National Team, Andrés Guardado.

With that said, here’s a message from my friends over The Players’ Tribune:

All throughout the World Cup, The Players’ Tribune will release unique content around individual players and the countries they represent, featuring intimate first-person stories from the world’s best athletes, their journeys both on and off the pitch, and how they arrived at the most important moment of their career to compete for the world’s most coveted trophy.

In this edition, Andrés Guardado dedicates his story to Mexico, exclusively sharing with The Players’ Tribune that three years prior to playing in his first World Cup for Mexico, that he wasn’t even playing football at all. He had quit his team to play tennis.

This comprehensive multimedia content package includes written, audio, video, photo and original artwork pieces and can be viewed by clicking HERE.


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