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Puerto Rico Islanders to Miss NASL Spring Championship Season



Islanders not playing in the 2013 NASL Spring Season. (Image Credit: PR Islanders)

On the day the Mayans had predicted the World was going to end, the Puerto Rico Islanders announced that they will not be participating in the 2013 NASL Spring Season. Early Friday, the Islanders front office had informed NASL Board of Governors and stated they will return to the Fall Season come early August.

For many NASL and Islanders supporters, this comes off as a shock. Since joining the NASL, the Puerto Islanders have been one of the more consistent clubs in the league. For a country that’s recognized for their Baseball, Boxing, and Basketball, the Islanders success has included a USSF Division 2 Championship, 2 CFU Club Championships and a successful CONCACAF Champions League where they have competed well against other clubs from different leagues and countries.

NASL Commissioner chimed in his thoughts regarding the situation, ”The NASL continues to grow and improve and as such our teams must also continue to grow and develop.”

“This reorganization will give the Islanders an opportunity to rejoin the NASL and contribute to its growth while proudly representing Puerto Rico around the world. It is our intention to have the Islanders back on the field as soon as they have completed the process and we will provide whatever assistance is necessary to help them.”

As a result of Friday’s announcement, the Islanders will now join the New York Cosmos when they make their NASL return during the 2013 NASL Fall Championship Season. IndyWeek.com reported in an article how the club’s inability to find a majority owner combined with the island’s recent changes within it’s government had played a huge role in coming down to their decision to not play in the Spring Season.

It’s an interesting article worth reading: Puerto Rico Islanders will not compete in Spring Season of NASL’s 2013 split regular season.


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