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Puerto Rico Islanders will not participate in the 2014 NASL Season



As reported on PrimeraHora.com, the vice president of the Puerto Rico Islanders, Jorge Pierluisi, revealed to the Puerto Rican online publication that they have informed the North American Soccer League (NASL) that they will not be back for the 2014 NASL Spring Championship Season.

While it’s public knowledge that the Puerto Rico Islanders have missed the entire 2013 NASL Season, it was somewhat of a disappointment that the club has decided to not to compete at all in the 2014 Fall Season. With the club’s inability to find a majority owner combined with the island’s recent changes within it’s government played a huge role in the Islanders decision to sit out until the 2014 NASL Fall Season.

For many NASL and Islanders supporters, this comes off as a disappointment. Since joining the NASL, the Puerto Rico Islanders have been one of the more consistent clubs in the league. For a program that has truly evolved, fans in New York will now have to wait until 2014 to see them. That is of course, they don’t fold.

For a country that’s recognized for their Baseball, Boxing, and Basketball, the Islanders success has included a USSF Division 2 Championship, 2 CFU Club Championships and a successful CONCACAF Champions League where they have competed well against other clubs from different leagues and countries.

As of right now, the NASL front office has yet to respond to my questions.

You can read PrimeraHora.com’s article in it’s entirety by clicking here.

Update: Canada’s Online Soccer Magazine, The11.ca posted an article where NASL Commissioner addresses this matter. Titled, “NASL Commissioner: If Puerto Rico wants back in, must go through expansion process; Edmonton meetings went well”, click here to read.


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