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Puerto Rico’s National Basketball Team Came Close, But Lost To Serbia & Lost Olympic Spot.


Puerto Rico’s National Basketball Team will not be going to the 2016 Rio Olympics. It was close, oh, so close, but Puerto Rico lost to the dominant and undefeated host Serbia 108-77 last Sunday in the 2016 FIBA qualifying tournament. Puerto Rico won a very decisive game to get to the finals by beating the favorite, Lithuania in an emotional and close game, 77-70.

Beating Lithuania set the stage for Puerto Rico to face Serbia. Serbia is a very strong team and is ranked 6th in the world. In the words of Jossie Alvarado, a Latino Sports colleague and sports historian, “when you figure that Serbia has over 150 professional basketball players playing around the globe you can imagine that they would not have a hard time finding 12 players for this important tournament.”

The fact that a small island in the Caribbean put a team together that made it to the semi-finals to play against Serbia and was one game from making it to the Olympics deserves a lot of credit. You have to give those 12 Boricua players and their coach, Eddie Casiano a whole lot of credit.

Congratulations to the Puerto Rican national Basketball Team for still being ranked 16th as one on the top teams in the world.

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