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Puerto Rico Wins More Than A Championship


Puerto Rico came from behind for the second consecutive game in defeating the Dominican Republic 9-4 and thus becoming the 2018 Caribbean Series Champions.

The come from behind victory is an indication of a team that represents an island nation that has been coming from behind since September 21st, 2017 when the island suffered the worst natural disaster in the last 100 years.

The islands baseball stadiums were destroyed by the hurricane and only one stadium could host night games. That stadium was the Mayagüez Indios stadium in the West Coast and thus made it very difficult for the three other teams to have to travel frequently to the West Coast to play in a stadium that was further than their home. Many believed that there would be no winter baseball season in Puerto Rico. However they adjusted by shortening the season and playoff games and baseball survived while Puerto Rico was still rebuilding.

There were many other inconveniences as some players had no electricity in their homes, others had major property damage, or in the homes of close family members. In addition, roads were difficult to travel in and teams had to make cuts in their staff, lower salaries and play with less resources that they had been use to.

All of those problems were not manifested in Jalisco, Mexico as Puerto Rico’s team, the, Criollos de Caguas played their hearts out and demonstrated in the words of the young 23 year old catcher, Jonathan Morales who homered in the seventh inning to pull his team ahead, “many people say Puerto Rico se levanta (Puerto Rico will get up), the fact is we have never been down”

It was 2AM when Puerto Rico won and I can imagine that very few people on the island were sleeping, as they must have been celebrating this victory, a victory that demonstrated the will of an island nation to be resilient to adversity.

Puerto Rico won more than a championship, they won the hearts of many baseball fans.

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