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Quick Chat with NASCAR Driver Victor Gonzalez, Jr



Image Credit: Tommy Baldwin Racing

Image Credit: Tommy Baldwin Racing

On Sunday, June 23, 2013, Victor Gonzalez, Jr. made NASCAR history in Sonoma, California when he became the first Caribbean driver to drive in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

Driving the #36 Chevrolet for Tommy Baldwin Racing, Gonzalez finished in 37th place. A few days after his race, Gonzalez took a moment out of his schedule to talk with Latino Sports about his passion for racing and upbringing.

At what age did you start racing?

I started racing cars when I was 14.

What part of Puerto Rico did you grow up?

I grew up in Trujillo Alto.

How long have you raced for Tommy Baldwin Racing?

I started racing for TBR this year. I cannot thank Tommy and his team enough for the opportunity to race in the Sprint Cup Series. There have been a long line of people who have supported me and helped me get to this level. Robbie Benton gave me a chance to break into the Nationwide Series in 2009, Alfredo Najri in the Dominican Republic and his family who are my second family, sponsors like IMCA and PhoneDaddy.com, the list goes on and on.

With an island passionate for Baseball, Boxing and Basketball, how were you introduced to racing?

I just love cars and always have. A friend of my Dad had a race car and the first time I saw it, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Don;t get me wrong, those other sports are all great and I love to watch them, but racing is my passion, and always has been.

What’s your favorite Puerto Rican dish?

Mofongo. I love Mofongo.


About Victor Gonzalez, Jr.

In addition to his NASCAR experience, Victor Gonzalez Jr., has won over 30 races and multiple championships in various road racing classes internationally, and 2012 won the national championship in his new naturalized home of the Dominican Republic.

Follow Victor at @VictorGonz and on Facebook.


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  • Diego Jose

    Cool article! We need some Latinos on the Rally X circuit at X Games Los Angeles (8/1-4 Irwindale Speedway). It’s all european and american dudes. Not too up on Latino drivers in the Baja 500 or 1000. Either. Where they all at? Who are they? At least we have someone in nascar. but rally x is way better haha!~