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ALCS Bound Red Sox Better As Yanks Stay Home


Bronx, NY – As the Boston Red Sox continued their victory celebration after their ALDS series win over the Yankees Tuesday night in the Bronx, their manager Alex Cora was greeted outside their clubhouse by opposing manager Aaron Boone. They embraced and then Boone returned to pack his bags for the Winter.

The Red Sox with their 4-3 win took the series 3-1. The Yankees showed their flaws in this series as they did all season this despite winning 100 games and hitting a record number of home runs.

And for the Yankees , plenty of decisions will be made in the coming months as they watch the Red Sox advance to the ALCS and oppose the defending world champion Houston Astros.

“The Gary at bat I think is a great example of that,” Boone said in regard to Gary Sanchez and his ninth inning at bat that forced Boston closer Craig Kimbrel to work for the final outs.

An example of their ability to come back were these Yankees, but not this night. And Sanchez did not have the season he had a year before when the Yankees overachieved and came up a game short of reaching the World Series.

That at bat, a sacrifice fly was not enough as the Yankees made another late inning comeback that was so much a part of their season that got them to the AL wild card.

“Credit to them for being able to hold us down and shut us down, but in the end, you don’t move on usually when you can’t get enough big hits in a series, and they just outplayed us a bit,” said Boone.

The Yankee relied on the home run ball. They did not hit one in the final two games in the Bronx. To them it was a season of disappointment.

Sanchez had a double and scored in the fifth inning.

“Been a tough year,” he said to reporters. He was one of the last to leave the Yankees clubhouse, a team that expected to take this series back to Boston and hoped for more.

But they go home and will figure ways to go a step further next year. That starts at the top and GM Bran Cashman is expected to address those needs in the next few days. Instead of moving on, and going to the World Series, it appears this team regressed and did not progress.

CC Sabathia may have pitched his final game as a Yankee. He started and took the loss and allowed three Red Sox runs in the third inning. The Yankees will decide where they go from here with an addition to their starting rotation.

But there is promise as their youngsters, known as “Baby Bombers” will be a year older.

“Will work on the defense and get better,”Miguel Andujar said. He was not in the starting lineup as Boone went with Neil Walker at third base. He is one of those Yankees that could be looking for another team next year.

But the Red Sox, and without the home run ball, they did it all in this series. Hit and run and taking the extra base. And they got the starting pitching.

“Like I’ve been saying all along, we’re a complete team,” Cora said. “And we count on everybody to win games.”

The Red Sox move on because they were complete and that showed again Tuesday night in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium.

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