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Reestablished Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame


Havana, Cuba – Last November 2014 we had reported while in Cuba that we visited the Latino Americano stadium in Havana and witnessed a meeting-taking place of a panel of judges, 25 commentators and historians of baseball charged with the purpose of re-establishing the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame.

On December 28th, 2014 the first 10 top Cuban baseball players were added to the newly reopened Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame in a ceremony held prior to the 28th All-Star Game held at the Martires de Barbados stadium in Bayamo, the capital of Granma province. Present at the ceremony to receive the honor were: Antonio Muñoz, Baudilio Vinet, Luis Giraldo Casanova, Orestes Kindelan and Omar Linares. The other players inducted were: Esteban Bellán, Camilo Pascual, Orestes Miñoso, Amado Maestri and symbolically elected, Conrado Marrero.

Bellán, Pascual, Miñoso, the umpires, Maestri and Marrero were selected as players and personnel that participated between 1874 and 1961, when the last selection was made to the Cuban HOF. Linares, Casanova, Kindelán, Vinent, and Muñoz participated after the triumph of the Revolution (1959). In addition, the Cuban Baseball Federation decided to retire the numbers of the five players inducted from their respective teams.

The question still remains when and how they will deal with the issue of the Cubans who defected to the U.S. to play Major League Baseball? Times and feelings are slowly changing in Cuba and only time will tell.

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