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Reggie Jackson Apologizes


Reggie has been close to Alex and that is what makes his comments alarming. (Photo John Munson/The Star ledger)

In a case reminiscent of years past when Reggie Jackson played for the Yankee organization, he recently made some statements about steroid users and specifically named Yankee slugger, Alex Rodríguez. As a result that has created a little stir in the Yankee organization and in other circles of Hall of Fame members. As a result, today we received the following Press Statement:



“In trying to convey my feelings about a few issues that I am passionate about, I made the mistake of naming some specific players.”

“This was inappropriate and unfair to those players, some of which are very close friends of mine. I think there are ways to speak from the heart without hurting people, and I’m disappointed that I didn’t take greater care in expressing my views.

“I have been proactively reaching out to make personal apologies to those within the Hall of Fame community that I offended, and to the Yankees organization for any disruption that I caused in the clubhouse. I continue to have a strong relationship with the club, and look forward to continuing in my role with the team. As always, I remain dedicated to the great game of baseball.”

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  • PellotPower21

    Reggie is and will always be an…(you can fill in the blank). Here’s a ballplayer, (lifetime .262 batting average) who can also add ‘Mr. Strikeout’ to his endless list of accomplishments (struck out 2537 times) and he had the nerve to talk about who shouldn’t be in the HOF? Then he goes on to mention some current HOF’ers ( two players who are deceased???) that he believes aren’t really deserving of a plaque in Cooperstown… C’mon Reggie, if I had one of those old Reggie bars, I’d smack you upside your head…Bronx style. If this was a first for Mr. Martinez, then I’d say, ‘Ok, we all make mistakes (including yours truly and the millions on this planet), but he has a history with this…two words…Basta ya!

    • Julio

       Well said

  • Medina681139

    I think Jackson’s comment was wrong, I respect the fact that he is apologizing to A-Rod showing that he knows what he did was wrong. It takes courage to stand up infront of cameras and say what he said. I know I wouldn’t be able to do that even after I knew what I did was wrong.

  • Problem with him is he’s just looking at stats. You have a guy like Gary Carter who even though he was a catcher was still able to put up pretty impressive numbers offensively and defensively day in and day out.

    Try being crouched for a 2-3 hour game everyday. Overall great friend, human being, ball player and fan favorite of course he deserved to be in the HOF.
    My man Reggie wasn’t thinking..