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Renaldo: Author Interview with James S. McCreath



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New York, NY – One the best things about a World Cup year are the books. The games are fantastic but it’s the books that best illuminate the both the social, political, economic, religious and military history and journey leading up to the the beautiful game’s most coveted tournament.

If you’re into all that stuff like I am or simply disappointed by Argentina’s 4-3 World Cup eliminating loss to France, then I recommend James S. McCreath’s book, Renaldo: A Tale of World Cup Soccer, Terrorism and Love.

Here’s a synopsis of Renaldo

Argentina 1978… A brutal military junta suspends civil liberties for anyone that opposes it. Distraught mothers of ‘The Disappeared’ parade daily in front of the capital building.

In retaliation, violent acts of terrorism shatter what is left of normal life. Only one thing can unite all the people… The World Cup of football. Two brothers, Renaldo and Lonfranco De Seta chart a different course for their futures. With that said, here’s the interview…

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